About Aveiro

Aveiro is a Portuguese city in the Centro Region, very close to Porto (about 45 minutes by car or public transportation). The city known as “The Portuguese Venice” has a very strong tourist attraction due to its history, gastronomy, monuments, and its close proximity to the beach (about 10kms from the center of the city). The official language in the country is Portuguese but due to tourism, almost every citizen speaks English. The local currency is the Euro (EUR) and almost every place accepts payments by card (VISA and Mastercard). The country has a good health system in case of emergencies and there is a hospital 500 meters away from the venue. 

Travel Information

The city of Aveiro is strategically located between the two main Portuguese airports at Porto and Lisbon. It is within easy reach from any point in the country, due to highways proximity. In the particular case of the University of Aveiro, it is located in the city center and is easily accessible by foot from any point in the city center. 

Accessing the city by car is possible using the highways A1, A29 or A17 that link Lisbon to Porto. Aveiro is located 90km south of Porto and 250 km north of Lisbon. However, if attendees consider travelling by train, the Alfa Pendular and Intercidades Porto-Aveiro-Lisbon train services can be used to reach the city from the airports. Upon arrival at the Aveiro railway station, attendees can get to the university by car/bus/taxi (approx. 5 minutes travel) or they can do the trip by foot (approx. 20 minutes).