1. Go to the CPS system by clicking the following link:!/auth/login?ak=1&pid=4x71HxlWi1TSrDfmQz9FJe

This system will guide you throughout all the process for submitting your paper to the IEEE library.

2. Login into the system by clicking the “Sign In” button.

3. Once you are inside the CPS system, the first window shows you the general information for the preparation and submission of your paper. After you have read the general information, click on button “Next”, which is in the top right corner.

4. You must complete the following form to access the IEEE Electronic Copyright Form (eCF). Fill all required fields with the information of your paper, as shown in the following figure.

When you clicked on the button “Submit Copyright”, the following Web page will open in a new tab.

You must accept all the conditions that will appear after clicking on button “Start”. After you have performed all the steps, you will receive an email indicating that you have successfully completed the IEEE Electronic Publication Agreement.

Please note that all authors of accepted papers must transfer copyright to IEEE. In case that you do not complete the eCF form, your paper will not be included in the proceedings of IEEE CBMS 2021.

5. Next, you should complete the following form requiring more information about your paper (Paper ID, Abstract, keywords, etc.).

You can encounter the “Paper ID” in the email that was previously sent to you with the IEEE Electronic Publication Agreement.

6. Next, you should add all the authors of your paper.

7. The final step requires that you upload the PDF file of your paper.

To finish the process, click on the button “Submit”. After that, you will receive an email indicating that “your paper has been successfully submitted for IEEE CBMS 2021. You will be contacted if there are any issues.”

Please note that the IEEE policy requires that all accepted papers must be checked for plagiarism. Consequently, in case that your paper had a plagiarism issue, the publication chairs of IEEE CBMS 2021 would be in contact with you in order to fix this problem before submitting the final version of the paper to IEEE.