The IEEE Technical Committee on Computational Life Science (TC CLS), offered 7 best papers awards: a) 2 best paper (overall conference); and b) 5 best paper (students).

Overall best papers

  • 3D Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Segmentation in Multiple Imaging Modalities, Barbara Villarini, Hykoush Asaturyan, Sila Kurugol, Onur Afacan, Jimmy D. Bell and E. Louise Thomas
  • Representation and Knowledge Transfer for Health-related Rumour Detection, Rosa Sicilia, Luisa Francini and Paolo Soda

Students best papers

  • Wearable and Continuous Prediction of Passage of Time Perception for Monitoring Mental Health, Lara Orlandic, Adriana Arza Valdes and David Atienza
  • Understanding affective behaviour from physiological signals: Feature learning versus pattern mining, Natalia Mordvanyuk, Jaume Gauchola and Beatriz López
  • Detecting COVID-19 from Breathing and Coughing Sounds using Deep Neural Networks, Mina Adel Fahmy Nessiem, Mostafa M. Mohamed, Harry Coppock, Alexander Gaskell and Björn W. Schuller
  • Prediction of ICU admission for COVID-19 patients: a Machine Learning approach based on Complete Blood Count data, Lorenzo Famiglini, Giorgio Bini, Anna Carobene, Andrea Campagner and Federico Cabitza
  • APEHR Automated Prognosis in Electronic Health Records using multi-head self-attention, Alexander Ylnner Choquenaira Florez, Lucas Scabora, Danilo M. Eler and Jose Fernando Rodrigues Jr.